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Biological Monitoring is the Gold Standard – Spore Testing

Dental personnel ask us all the time if chemical indicators are adequate to assess sterilizer functionality. In short, the answer is no. Generally speaking, sterilizer monitoring should include a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological monitoring. However, while chemical and…

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Monitoring your Sterilizer with Chemical Indicators: Are They Required? -Sterilizer Monitoring

Most state dental boards require that biological monitoring of the sterilization cycle be conducted using a spore test on a weekly basis. But what about sterilizer monitoring using a chemical indicator? Do most dental boards require chemical monitoring too? Chemical…

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Compliance with Sterilizer Monitoring Requirements – Spore Testing

Most state dental boards require weekly spore testing. In addition to CDC's infection control recommendations include weekly sterilizer monitoring. Staying in compliance can be a challenge especially if staff skips a week due to vacations or even terminations. If the…

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