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Since 1992, OSHA Review, Inc. has provided dental professionals with consistent, current information on mandated laws and infection control. When you order OSHA Review, you’ll understand why dentists in California have relied on their subscriptions since 1992. As an added benefit, you and your licensed staff members can earn up to half of your required dental CE credits (continuing education requirements) for one low subscription rate.

Great publication—not only do you plan our OSHA staff meetings for us, you give us Dental Continuing Education Credits as well. Thanks.

OSHA REVIEW has consistently provided the most up-to-date precise aspects of keeping the practice of dentistry in line with the highest standards of professionalism.

OSHA REVIEW is an invaluable tool for keeping my staff informed of legislative actions that affect the dental profession. It provides easy to follow guidelines for compliance with all state regulations. Receiving Dental Continuing Education Credits for this information is an added bonus. I can’t imagine operating a dental practice without OSHA REVIEW.

I have been doing dentistry for over 32 years and I still like it. However, I am increasingly intimidated by the ever-growing barrage of new requirements, restrictions, and regulations being forced upon dentistry. I am very grateful to OSHA REVIEW for digesting these issues and presenting them to my office in a concise and understandable form. You make my life easier and let me concentrate more on what I like to do.

OSHA REVIEW helps to keep me up to date with the multitude of OSHA/HIPAA regulations, and OSHA REVIEW makes it easy to conduct the required staff OSHA meetings. I also appreciate the Dental Continuing Education Credits.

Gives my staff and I maximum information without all the fluff. A wonderful service for all dental offices.

OSHA REVIEW provides a mechanism where compliance with OSHA regulations and policies is easily attained with a minimum of time. Information is timely, easily understood and alleviates the necessity of researching regulations myself.

I have been onboard with OSHA REVIEW since its inception! OSHA REVIEW and Mr. Rodney Stine have made the rules and regulations of OSHA an easy task for me and my staff. Questions do come up and I can call. Mr. Stine and his capable staff are ready to handle my questions promptly and efficiently within hours. Put your money and your professional faith in OSHA REVIEW…it’s more than worth the price.

Your publication is right to the point. It gives me the confidence to practice within the regulatory guidelines. We save time and money—with Dental Continuing Education Credits to boot! Keep up the good work!

OSHA REVIEW enables me to stay current on all the OSHA requirements. Since OSHA REVIEW comes to us regularly, my staff and I meet regularly to discuss and learn. OSHA REVIEW has made many complicated topics and requirements easy to understand and easier to comply with. Thanks.

OSHA REVIEW has been invaluable to our office in management of OSHA-related requirements and demands. Thank you.

There’s no way we can keep up with OSHA regulations without your help. I have recommended OSHA REVIEW to several of my friends. Thanks for the great job.

I have been with OSHA REVIEW for almost three years and it is the best business decision I think I’ve ever made. For a very small fee, I get thorough information concerning regulatory matters. When we need personal attention, it is right there at a phone call. If you add in the continuing education credits for the doctor and all staff, it then becomes my best business bargain!

We have found OSHA REVIEW to be the ideal way in which to keep abreast of the ever-changing OSHA requirements and developments and to gain valuable Dental Continuing Education Credits. You can’t beat it!

OSHA REVIEW is the fastest, easiest, and most thorough means to be informed of the OSHA requirements in order to have your office up to standards for your employees’ and patients’ safety and welfare.

OSHA REVIEW is a true bargain! Your timely reports, great customer service, and the Dental Continuing Education Credits can’t be beat.

With OSHA REVIEW, it has made obtaining Dental Continuing Education Credits for our staff members very easy and time-effective.

It is reassuring to have OSHA REVIEW keep us current on regulations and policy as well as maintaining a close Spore Check routine. A very valuable service.

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