Employee Safety Important When Choosing Chemical Disinfectants – Infection Control

One factor commonly overlooked in choosing a surface disinfectant is the overall safety of the product to the environment and to staff members who are exposed to it daily over many years. Stronger, i.e. more toxic, disinfectants are not necessarily…

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Surface Disinfection: Cleaning is the Critical First Step

Here at OSHA Review, Inc, we have always advocated the importance of cleaning surfaces as a first step before disinfecting them. A recent article by infection prevention expert Darrel Hicks goes even further to describe cleaning and disinfection as “a…

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CDA Dental Show in Anaheim Next Week – April 30 to May 2, 2015

OSHA Review will be in Anaheim next week, exhibiting at the California Dental Association’s CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry. The annual Southern California dental convention is the nations second largest dental show, with an attendance of 28,000…

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Disinfectant Soaked in 4×4 Gauze Not Recommended

Disinfectant-soaked 4x4 gauze not recommended unless used immediately Disinfectants should never be stored in containers with cotton gauze, also termed “4x4’s”, unless the gauze is applied immediately to dental surfaces upon saturation. Cotton gauze materials that have been saturated with…

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Testing Dental Ultrasonic Cleaning – Infection Control

First check the manufacturer’s instruction manual for ultrasonic cleaner maintenance information and recommended testing frequency. If manufacturer’s information is not available, the aluminum foil test, recommended on a monthly basis, is a fast and simple method to check the cleaning…

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Did You Know… Dental Disinfectant Products

Title 16. Dental Board of California,  § 1005. Minimum Standards for Infection Control, Sterilization and Disinfection: (11) Cleaning must precede any disinfection or sterilization process. Products used to clean items or surfaces prior to disinfection procedures shall be used according…

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