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Oklahoma Sterilizer Monitoring Requirements – Spore Tests

Oklahoma Sterilizer Monitoring Requirements - Order Spore Check SystemThe Oklahoma Board of Dentistry Rules and Regulations Title 195  requires that:

“Sterilization equipment and its adequacy shall be tested and verified on a regular basis.”

But what does a “regular basis” mean?

In absence of s specific time frame licensees should follow the CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health- Care Settings. In reference to sterilizer monitoring, the CDC guidelines state:

“Monitor sterilizers at least weekly by using a biological indicator”

The OSHA Review Spore Check System provides a convenient, cost-effective service to monitor your sterilizers. Test results can be accessed in multiple ways, including 24-hour online access and as an added value if you forget to test your sterilizer we will send you a reminder. With these features you can feel confident that your office is meeting CDC recommendations.

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