Disposing of Pharmaceutical Waste – Dental Regulations

Pharmaceutical waste in a dental office is regulated as medical waste, and includes expired or partially-used over-the-counter medications, patient prescriptions, and emergency drugs. Since California is the strictest state in terms of medical waste disposal, California’s requirements are provided below.…

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How to Dispose of Carpules Used in Dentistry – Dental Regulations

Carpules, used in dentistry, are small cylindrical glass tubes containing anesthetics which are screwed onto dental syringes, and are commonly aspirated while the practitioner injects the patient. The proper management of glass carpule waste is determined by the condition of…

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October 26th is Prescription Drug Take-Back Day – Dental Regulations

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is holding its seventh semiannual national prescription drug take-back day on Saturday, October 26th for consumers. The purpose of this day is to provide a safe and convenient venue for the general public to…

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