7,000 Dental Patients Warned of Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure

April 1, 2013 – Infection control and prevention in the dental setting are critical part to a successful dental practice. Not following the infection control “standard of care” can lead to unwanted exposure to transmissible infections during dental treatment. This…

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First Aid and Patient Emergency Kits in the Dental Office

Dental offices must be equipped to respond to medical emergencies involving both patients and employees. OSHA requires first aid supplies to be readily available in case of an employee injury, while state dental board may require specific equipment in case…

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Managing ATD Patients in a Dental Office

With the flu season upon us, it is important to manage patients with potential aerosol transmissible disease (ATD) properly. In August 2009, Cal/OSHA’s new Aerosol Transmissible Diseases Standard (Title 8 CCR Section 5199) Aerosol Transmissible Disease Regulation (Title 8 CCR…

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Sterilizer Monitoring Considerations

Monitoring of sterilization procedures includes a combination of process parameters to evaluate the sterilizing conditions and the procedures’ effectiveness. Regular sterilizer monitoring using biologic indicators has become the standard practice, and when properly implemented, is an important part of infection…

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Required Notice to Consumers for California Dentists

Notice to Consumers of DBC Licensure Effective November 28, 2012, Section 1065 of the California Dental Practice Act will require licensed dentists to notify consumers that they are under the jurisdiction of the Dental Board of California. The new regulation…

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