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Reminder: Dental Offices Must Report Formaldehyde Use in Chemiclaves

Cal/OSHA Standard Section 5203 of Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) mandates that all employers who use a regulated carcinogen must report that use in writing, by mail or email, to Cal/OSHA’s Asbestos and Carcinogen UnitCal/OSHA regulates ~30 regulated carcinogens under Title 8 CCR Sections 5200-5215, 5217-5220, which include formaldehyde used in dentistry and beryllium used in dental laboratories. 

Reporting is required for any use of a concentration greater than or equal to 0.1% by weight or volume, which could result in exposure or potential exposure to employees. A chemical encountered in dental offices which falls under this criteria is formaldehyde, which, according to the safety data sheet (SDS), can be found at a concentration of 0.23% in Harvey’s Vapo-Steril Solution, which is utilized in chemiclave sterilizers. 

For our OSHA Review subscribers… A sample Carcinogen Report of Use form can be downloaded from OSHA Review’s website. A copy of the written report must also be posted where formaldehyde is used at concentrations above 0.1% or in another location where the posting is conspicuous to affected employees.

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