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Drug-Dispensing Dentists in California Must Provide Label Translations

In January 2016, new regulations for prescription drug labels took effect in California. While these new mandates target mostly pharmacists, they also apply to a dentist who dispenses medications to a patient for use outside of the office. The new rules stipulate that prescription labels must be made available in languages other than English if a patient requests the translation.

Specifically, the new requirements state the following:

  • A dispenser must provide translated directions for use printed on the prescription container, label, or supplemental documentation. The English version should also appear on the label of container, whenever possible. If not possible, it must be included with any supplemental documentation.
  • A dispenser may use translations available from the California Board of Pharmacy’s website to comply with the requirements. Currently, translations are available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Russian.
  • A dispenser is not required to provide translated directions beyond the languages/directions provided on the Board of Pharmacy’s website.

Click here for Translations of Pill Directions from the Board of Pharmacy website.

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