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ADA Warns Dentists to be Wary of Tax Return Fraud

On its website last month, the American Dental Association issued an alert to dentists about possible tax return identity theft occurring nationwide. Several state dental associations, including the Michigan Dental Association and California Dental Association, have reported member dentists being the victim of the crime.

The scam is not only targeting dentists. More than 100 health practitioners have reported that someone filed a tax return using their Social Security numbers. They submitted their tax returns only to be told that their tax returns had already been filed, most likely by an identity thief.

ADA recommends the following action if you think you may also be a victim:

  • Alert the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit online or by calling 800-908-4490.
  • Notify the Federal Trade Commission online or by calling 877-438-4338.
  • Contact the three credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert on your credit report: Equifax (800-525-6285), Experian (888-397-3742), and TransUnion (800-680-7289).
  • File a report with local law enforcement.

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