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Did you know… CA dentists must maintain sterilizer monitoring records?

The Dental Board of California’s Infection Control RegulationSterilizer Monitoring states the following with respect to maintaining sterilizer biological monitoring records:

“Proper functioning of the sterilization cycle of all sterilization devices shall be verified at least weekly through the use of a biological indicator (such as a spore test). Test results shall be documented and maintained for 12 months.”

– Title 16 CCR Section 1005. Minimum Standards for Infection Control

In California, and many other states, dentists are required to keep at least a year of sterilizer monitoring test records. However, requirements may vary by state; so make sure to check with your respective state dental board on how long your office is required to keep test records.

OSHA Review, Inc. provides trusted sterilizer biological monitoring to dental offices across the United States with the Spore Check System. The Spore Check Systems offers multiple ways your office can receive test results, which include mail, fax, email, and 24 hour online account-access to ensure your office is always in compliance.

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